Buy AiroPro – Bubba Kush Cartridge Online


AiroPro Strain Series .5g Cartridge

• Indica

• Bubba Kush

• Pure Distillate Oil

• Full Terpene Profile


Buy AiroPro – Bubba Kush Cartridge Online

Buy AiroPro – Bubba Kush Cartridge Online USA & Europe. The AiroPro cartridge is more than a stylish magnet, it’s the first vessel of its kind. The secured mouthpiece and filling septum minimize the possibility of leakage, something which has been a common issue among older model vaporizers. Considering that risk of accidental exposure, to children or pets for example.

Free from a traditional wick and coil setup, AiroPro Vape cartridges adopted ceramic reactor technology to serve as the heating element. Unmatched thermal precision ensures concentrates are always vaporized at the proper temperature. This preserves the flavor of concentrates and prevents them from burning.

Please note that Airo Pro’s magnetic cartridges are only compatible with the Airo Pro device.

Airo Vapor is dedicated to perfecting the union between technology and personal vaporizers.


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