Buy Guava 2.0 x Lemonatti DVP Cartridge


Connec | THC 69.72%
Flavors: Guava, Lemon, Citrus
Effect: Arouse, Euphoria


Buy Guava 2.0 x Lemonatti DVP Cartridge

Buy Guava 2.0 x Lemonatti DVP Cartridge online.

What It Is:

Guava 2.0 x Lemonatti Live Resin Disposable vape cartridge is an all-in-one pod-style pen with 0.5g of 100% Live Resin connected to an easy to use disposable battery – ready to toke and go!

Why We Love It:

A one of a kind Live Resin Disposable with their own technology will ensure a flavorful and potent pen on the go!

Potency & Dosing:

Fully transportable Connected Live Resin Disposable pens combine their 100% full spectrum Live Resin into a disposable pod-style pen, making it easier than ever to take their otherworldly strains on the go! Recommended to keep in room temperature environments, as extreme temperatures will damage cartridge and battery.


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