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Buy Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson oil Online – 1000mg THC


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Buy Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson oil Online – 1000mg THC

Buy Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson oil Online – 1000mg THC USA & Europe. Our Phoenix Tears RSO is extracted with a CO2 system, which has less risk of compromising the natural volatile compounds found in cannabis such as terpenes and other cannabinoids.

In this way, it is the most cost-effective cannabis for those who require a higher dose of CBD and/or THC.

The Origin Story Behind It All

Rick Simpson oil was named after the founder himself. In 2003, he noticed some skin cancer bumps on his arm.

This prompted him to experiment with growing highly concentrated marijuana extracts, where he applied the cannabis extract oil to treat his skin cancer. The cancerous growth disappeared after a few days!

With their newfound discovery, he started the Rick Simpson oil brand. It has quickly gained attention in the medical cannabis industry due to its harmless nature and cancer-fighting properties.

RSO Oil Benefits

As for RSO oil’s effects on our body, here are the effects and treatments that you should know.

THC 1000mg
Effects/Treatment: Improved mood, relaxes muscles, stimulate appetite, reduce pain, promote sleep, deep relaxation
Effects/Treatment: Reduce inflammation, improve mood, reduce pain, stimulate the brain.
Effect/Treatment: Slow bacterial growth, anti-microbial, treat cancer, bone stimulation.
Effect/Treatment: Calming, reduce inflammation, reduce nausea, decrease anxiety, relax muscles, treat PTSD.

There are also many medical benefits to use Rick Simpson oil. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments such as:

  • Cancer
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Leukemia
  • Chronic pain

In addition to treating these conditions, RSO has anti-aging properties that help rejuvenate your internal organs. As we get older, our internal organs start to get weaker.

As you can see, Rick Simpson’s oil will work wonders and indirectly make you feel younger!

How to Use

This famous concentrate is full of plant extract for full-body relaxation. For those who have a high tolerance to THC, remember that RSO works differently by attaching to different receptors. This action gives you a first-time high feeling.

Since the oil is in a syringe form, it can be either be taken sublingually or infuse into your own edibles. It’s recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional if you are unsure if this is a suitable treatment for you.

RSO is a very powerful oil, where it can get you high in a fast manner. We suggest only taking a rice-sized dose for the first-time usage. If you feel the need to take more, be light on the second dose.

Can you Smoke Phoenix Tears

Some people may be wondering How To Use Phoenix Tears. The term is interchangeable with Rick Simpson Oil, where the founder’s name is often used to call the product.

Are you able to smoke it? Absolutely. Should you do it? We recommend not to.

When you smoke or vape phoenix tears, you are actually smoking the alcohol remains which are harmful to your body. Using phoenix tears in a dabbing session is also a terrible idea. It just will not taste good.

The fact of the matter is that Rick Simpson Oil contains a type of oil that is made for digestion. Doing any other type of consumption method is not advisable.


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