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Pink Panther Weed Bubble Hash Joint

  • mind-numbing
  • jaw-dropping
  • at one with the universe


  • Provides a break from reality
  • Relaxes all stress and tension
  • Headaches be damned

Pink Panther Weed Bubble Hash Joint

Buy Pink Panther Weed Bubble Hash Joint Online. Pink Panther Bubble marijuana Hash joint is for all you pre-roll lovers that are looking for a joint that packs a serious punch. We use our AAAA Pink Kush indica hybrid weed strain and blend it with our Pink Kush full melt bubble hash. This joint is 1/3 bubble and hash and 2/3rds flower! It burns so nice, evenly and slow.

Each Pink Panther is a .7 gram joint overall rolled in a Raw organic cone.


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