RoseBud Remedy Netflix n’ Chill Gummy Candy Edibles (THC)


Each package comes with 16 pieces of gummies (12.5 mg THC per candy) for a total of 200 mg THC per bag.

Dosage: Start with a small dose (1⁄2 a gummy) until you know how it affects you. It can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as an hour to feel the effects of a cannabis edible. For safety, wait at least 1 hour before redosing.

Experience: Smooth, Chill, Sweet, Salty

Storage instructions: For best results, please store them in a cool, dry place.

Warning: Keep away from children and pets


RoseBud Remedy Netflix n’ Chill Gummy Candy Edibles (THC)

Buy RoseBud Remedy Netflix n’ Chill Gummy Candy Edibles (THC). The rosebud Remedy edible blends science and ingenuity to make cannabis edibles better. The resulting products are a perfect marriage of art and science. Rosebud Remedy uses full spectrum CBD and/or THC in all its products. Buy weed edibles online USA & EUROPE

While a lot of brands use only distillate or isolate in their edibles, Rosebud Remedy uses full-spectrum CBD and/or THC in all their products.

Netflix n’ Chill candy gummies possess a potent dose of THC and thoughtfully curated flavors from the concession stand of your local movie theater. Slip into something comfortable, and booty call a friend. The night is young, and “stranger things” are going to happen! Also suitable for finding your flow, attending the opera, or dinner with your mom. For experienced users.

Variety Pack includes the following Flavors: Hot Buttered Popcorn, Blue Raspberry, Orange Creamsicle, Fruit Punch.



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