Space Musk Weed Strain Online

Space Musk Weed Strain Online

$7.00Per gram

Space Musk Weed Strain Online

$7.00Per gram


Taste & Smell

  • Spicy


  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Hungry


Space Musk Weed Strain Online

Buy Space Musk Weed Strain Online. Space Musk cannabis flower is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a reputation for being potent, as well as its strong, musky scent of course. This hybrid was born from crossing Dutchpiss with Chemstar. We’ve seen this strange averaging just over 25% in THC levels.

The oblong and oval-shaped Space Musk buds marijuana buds are long, with twisted forest-green leaves packed tightly together. A thick coat of yellow-trichome hairs lends a lime-green appearance. Over half of the bud’s surface area is made of confetti-like orange pistils. Space Musk smells like musky herbs, with notes of garlic and diesel. The funky flavor is mostly garlic and diesel, with a peppery aftertaste.

According to reviewers, Space Musk will have you soaring like an eagle. Many users reported an intense and trippy psychoactive euphoria. Some users found the body effects soothing and blissful, with reductions reported in chronic pain and inflammation. Others reported ravenous cravings for food.

Also, the Space Musk weed strain is a powerful Indica capable of catapulting you into orbit, making you feel like a space cadet.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Terpene Lab Data
Beta Myrcene:0.335%
Alpha Humulene:0.058%


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